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What Cleanser Should I Be Using For My Skin Type?

Adora Drake

Posted on March 25 2018

Let’s face it; choosing the right cleanser is very important. Just think, we are supposed to cleanse our faces twice a day, that’s fourteen times per week!

Often we don’t use the right products and they cause us not to achieve our ideal skincare goals.  Here are a few tips on choosing the best skincare cleanser for your skin type.

  1. Use a cleanser that is mild if you have skin that is sensitive, normal, or dry. You also want to look for products that contain hyaluronic acid. This ingredient helps to stop the skin from drying after you cleanse. Our cleanser includes a plant-based hyaluronic acid. 
  2. If your skin is oily and/or acne-prone use an exfoliating cleanser that contains salicylic acid. This will help effectively remove dead skin cells and excess oils.
  3. Removing makeup properly is the key to getting your facial skin cleansed. Use a makeup remover first all over your face. Once you have finished dab a bit of warm water to your face then apply a small amount of cleanser.

Practice these tips on a daily basis to achieve your skincare goals. Stay tuned for more tips and beauty tricks!

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