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Want Healthy Skin? Here are 5 Major Tips:

Adora Drake

Posted on September 04 2018

Want Healthy Skin? Here are 5 Major Tips:

Healthy skin:

Every one of us has some skin issue in the form of acne, discoloration, sensitivity, dryness, and oiliness. Keeping your face clean and healthy will require some effort and maybe the results are rewarding in the form of acne-free complexion and glowing looking skin. You can get healthier possible skin by focusing on a good routine for the skin.  Here's how:

1) Always try to protect yourself from the sun:

It is the most important way through which you can quickly take care of your skin and protect your skin from any harmful effects of the sun.  Your skin may be prone to many problems like age spots, rashes and wrinkles etc. if you are exposed to the sun's harmful rays. Unfortunately, if you continue to expose your skin without protection then there is also increasing the risk of the skin cancer.

For complete protection from the harmful effects of sun, keep trying:

  • Use sunscreen:

Sunscreen provides excellent protection to your from any side effects of sun rays. Use the broad spectrum sunscreen of approximately 15 SPF.

  • Wear protective clothing:

It is necessary to cover your skin with woven shirts with long sleeves, wide-brimmed hats and long pants. These things play a vital part to protect the skin's surface from the harmful rays of the sun. If it's still warm outside be sure to use suncreen!

  • Seek shade:

It is better to avoid the sun from 10 am to 4 p.m. It is so because at this particular time there are sunrays with the most reliable strength. It may damage your skin badly. Take a break and relax under a tree or covering.

2) Eat a healthy diet:

Get healthy skin; it is necessary to eat the healthy food like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains. Eat a diet that is rich with fish protein or take fish oil supplements help to promote healthy looking skin. Also, avoid eating too many unhealthy fats and refined form of carbohydrates because they can affect the skin severely. Keep your skin hydrated with the help of drinking plenty amount of water in a whole day.

3) Treat skin care with great care:

Shaving and daily cleansing help to promote younger looking skin quickly. If you want to get beautiful and fresh skin follows these instructions:

  • Moisturize dry skin with the help of moisturizer that can fit any skin type. Try to use the moisturizer that contains sun protection factor (SPF) (HighSpirits Essentials Vitamin C moisturizer)
  • For the protection of the skin, try to apply lotion, gel, and shaving cream on your skin. If you are going to shave, then try to cut in the direction where the hair is growing.
  • Always use good quality soap because they help in maintaining the right skin tone. Avoid using detergent and strong soaps as it can strip the oil from your skin.
  • Use of warm water during bathing and limit your bathing time. It is so because, if you take long showers and use hot water to clean the skin it might remove the oils from the skin surface.
  • Try to dry your wet skin with the towel so that less moisture remains on your skin.

4) Manage stress:

Stress also has the significant effect on the skin surface and provides many problems regarding skin like acne breakouts etc. If you want to get healthy skin, then try to manage your stress levels. Try to get enough sleep, make the list of the task that you enjoy, and focus on work to be done accurately and on time.

5) Stop smoking:

Smoking makes your skin older and also produced wrinkles on your face. Smoking has many adverse effects like it depletes the skin from oxygen, decreases the flow of blood and even narrowing the blood vessels. If you want to beautify your skin, then try to quit smoking and lead a healthy life!

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