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Toxic Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

Adora Drake

Posted on September 21 2018

Toxic Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

Most of the skincare products have many harmful chemicals that hurt your health and also make the aging process worse. Unfortunately,  products like face creams, cleansers, makeup, and skin moisturizers provide you with short-term brightness and smoothness. But they can disturb your hormones and skin tone because they have many dangerous toxins ingredients that can age your skin more quickly. You should always be sure to check the ingredients when purchasing skincare and body care products. We've put together a list of some well-known toxic ingredients you should avoid.

1) Parabens:

Parabens are one growth the most widely used preservatives that help to prevent the bacteria growth and yeast in a cosmetics product. In the Paraben, there is a property of estrogen-mimicking that closely related with the increased risk of the breast cancer. Paraben also absorbs by the skin and is also recover from the biopsy samples from the breast tumor. The Paraben also present in body washes and makeup, facial cleanser, deodorants, and shampoo. The estimated amount of Paraben in all of these products is about 75% to 95%. In one research it was that methylparaben and BPA turn the healthy cells into the cancer cell.

2) Formaldehyde:

Formaldehyde and their preservatives widely used in many of the cosmetic product help you to prevent these cosmetics product for the growth of bacteria. But Formaldehyde has so many side effects including allergic reactions, joint pain, headaches, dermatitis, and more. It can even damage your entire immune system. It has been banned in Europe, but in the US you may still find it in shampoos, nail polishes, eyeshadows, washes and more.

3) Phenoxyethanol:

Phenoxyethanol is also considered as the certified and safer organic skin care. Phenoxyethanol is used in different products like body lotions, facial washes,  body cleansers for makeup and moisturizer purposes. However, Phenoxyethanol can cause some developmental and reproductive complications in our body. It also causes contact dermatitis that is also known as skin irritation. Due to excessive use of Phenoxyethanol damage our nervous and brain system damage. This chemical is used as the fragrance but due to these side effects, and it is restricted in Europe and Japan.  The FDA also issued a warning to nibble cream due to the presence of Phenoxyethanol.

4) Toluene:

Toluene is also a toxic skin care ingredient that is present in nail hardeners, nail treatments, hair color, and bleaching products and in nail polish. The use of toluene is a cause of miscarriages and leukemia is excessive use. Toluene is the strong solvent that is dissolved paint thinner and paint. Expecting mothers try to avoid the use of these high cosmetics products because inhaling toluene vapors cause damaging of fetus development. Toluene also affects our respiratory system, irritate the skin and cause nausea as well. One of the organic compound benzene is also derived from the toluene; it is also a poison for your bone marrow. Researches show that toluene affects the learning performance, nervous system and brain development of human beings.

5) Chemical sunscreens:

Chemical sunscreens are also the toxic skin care ingredients are widely found in creams, lip balms with SPF and makeup. It is the real facts that these chemical screens help you to protect your skin from ultraviolet skins but also lead toward the accelerated aging. These chemicals are easily absorbed into your body and may cause cancer and cellular damage in your body. Some familiar names of compounds that are found in sunscreens products are homosalate, Methoxycinnamate, benzophenone, and avobenzone. The leading causes of using chemical sunscreens are hormone disruption, allergies, and low birth weight.


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