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Natural Ways To Get Younger Looking Skin

Adora Drake

Posted on September 11 2018

Natural Ways To Get Younger Looking Skin

Most of us strive for a more youthful, glowing and healthy skin. Good looking skin is a reflection of a healthy body. Unfortunately trying to achieve younger looking skin we have tried many ineffective products. After the use of these products, the results are not so satisfactory.  If you want more youthful looking skin then you must establish a daily routine for skin care that involves applying a good moisturizer and  30 SPF sunscreen for prolonging skin health. Here's a list of simple tips that will provide you with the youthful looking skin as early as a few weeks.

1) Eat foods with anti-oxidants:

Anti-oxidants are one of the best resources that help your body to fight different diseases and ageing process again by minimizing inflammation and damage. The wrinkle formed due to the inflammation process. These anti-oxidants provide you with the best nutrients that help you to achieve your goals of younger looking skin. Some of anti-oxidants sources are:

  • Raspberries
  • Pomegranates
  • Blueberries
  • Seeds
  • Organic green tea
  • Dark chocolate
  • Spinach

2) Hydrated yourself:

Water is the best remedy that can provide your skin with a natural glowing look for an extended period of time. Our body is made up of 65% water, and if you drink plenty of water, it will give you a healthy day. So, if you want to hydrate yourself in a right way then focus on these essential things:

  • For the whole day, drink 8-10 glass to keep the skin hydrated
  • Carry a bottle while you are traveling.

3)Stay safe from harmful sun rays

Sun rays contain some harmful rays such as UV rays that can harm the skin cells. So, if you need to go outside at noon time then always use sunscreens. These sunscreens help your skin to prevent skin cancer and early wrinkles. Always try to use sunscreens having high SPF so that it provides you maximum protection from harmful sun rays. Try to walk in a shady place and drink plenty of water. If you want to use cosmetics then always buy the products that contain high sun protection factors.

4) Exercise regularly:

Exercise is a good way to get the younger glowing skin. It provides your muscle tone as well as promotes younger looking skins. By doing healthy physical activities, blood flow will increase in your body. Blood cells bring nutrients and oxygen that are necessary for the skin surface. By regularly doing exercise early in the morning, keep you fit and smart for the whole day. It also helps to eliminate waste from the skin through sweat and gives you a healthy skin tone.

5) Manage your stress level:

When you feel stressed due to some tension or difficulty in managing task properly, then it will cause dullness in your skin tone. Due to stress and anxiety, inflammatory hormones and Cortisol produced that can break down collagen. Cortisol causes irritation, breakouts, and redness on the skin. If you want younger looking skin then try to manage your stress level with the help of the following techniques:

  • Try deep breathing exercise, yoga, and progressive relaxation
  • Increase consumption of the anti-oxidants like oranges, leafy greens, and blueberries etc.

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